Electric scooter and self-balancing car which is more suitable for travel?

Time:2021-06-25 12:43:10

In order to meet the needs of people on short distances, more and more means of transport appear in people's lives, such as electric scooters, folding electric cars, electric skateboard test, self-balancing cars and other new products after another, and in these means of transport , Electric scooters and self-balancing car has become the hottest product nowadays, but consumers often will be hovering back and forth between the two, do not know the choice of electric scooter or self-balancing car, I would like to talk today Talk about electric scooters and self-balancing car what should be selected.

Electric scooter and self-balancing car which is more suitable for travel?

Product principle and price comparison:

Electric scooter is based on the traditional scooter design ideas, upgraded from the human scooter, added to the scooter batteries, motors, lights, dashboards, computer chips and other components, while the wheels, brakes, cars Rack and other systems to upgrade, which derived from the electric scooter such products, more generally appear in the daily life of travel, especially by office workers. Currently, the price of electric scooters from a thousand yuan to tens of thousands of dollars, developed countries in Europe and the United States and the domestic big cities are very popular with younger groups.

Self-balancing car, also known as electric balance car, body feeling car, thinking cars, there are two types of unicycle and double wheels, self-balancing car is a new type of transport in recent years, the use of battery plus motor-driven computer Chip plus sensor to help control the way, you can use the car's gyro and accelerometer reading sensor body posture changes in real-time monitoring and make adjustments in order to achieve "dynamic" stability, the modern people used as a means of transport, leisure and entertainment New green products, in addition to the daily replacement, in some exhibitions often play its role as a substitute. The current price will generally be a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Performance comparison:

1. Portability

Electric scooter by the frame, wheels, batteries, brake systems, lighting systems, dashboards and other components, a 36V 8A lithium battery portable electric scooter net weight of about 15 kg, the folded length is generally not more than 1.2 meters, height not more than 50 cm, can be portable, can also be placed in the trunk.

Electric scooter and self-balancing car which is more suitable for travel?

A unicycle self-balancing car consists of wheels, pedals, motors, batteries, brakes, and various electronic chips. A 72v 2A lithium battery wheelbarrow weighs about 12kg and looks similar in size to a small car tire.

Electric scooter and self-balancing car which is more suitable for travel?

Overall, the unicycle wheelchair is more compact in appearance and slightly lighter in weight. Although the unicycle wheelchair wheelbarrow requires manual handling under the power off request, Also a better solution to this problem.

Through sex

Wheel of self-balancing wheel size can reach 15 inches or more, to adapt to many types of road conditions, unique in the adoption of sex.

Electric scooter tire size is generally not more than 10 inches in the face of the general urban road is still relatively easy, but in the case of poor road conditions, the situation is not satisfactory, but also be careful when driving.

Electric scooter and self-balancing car which is more suitable for travel?

3. Security

Electric scooters and unicycle self-balancing vehicles are non-motor vehicles with no additional safety devices. In theory, they are only permitted to drive at low speeds in non-motorized lanes. How to strictly keep the design speed of Austrian normal use, electric scooters and unicycle Balance car will play low center of gravity, the advantages of light weight, for users to create a safer and more convenient travel experience.